Bummed... Found out the PO of my 94 passed away

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Feb 6, 2016
So, found out the PO of my truck had passed back in 2020. His name was Jon aka ThirstySteer over on the FJBruisers site. He was really active in the FJ community. Here's a fun story when I met him to buy the truck back in 2015.

I had found the FJ Bruiser forums and was going through their classifieds and came across the 94 LC - Triple Locked, Green, etc "The 'right' one" I thought. Had some pics, etc - and everything looked pretty good. We met up 'mid-way' which was IPOR in Fredericksburg, VA. He was coming from WV and I was coming from Norfolk, VA.

Evidently, the A/C compressor crapped out when he was driving on the way down - and it was pretty hot out. Anyway, we talked and chatted, inspected and test drove the truck. Everything other than the AC was fine - pretty much what I was expecting from what he had described. I thumbed through the 1.5" folder of service records from new. Brand New 33" BFG A/T TKOs - a couple minor cosmetic things, ripped seats, the normal stuff.
Regarding the AC compressor - He replaced it with OEM parts - and that was it - no cryin' or whinin' about the cost to do it. Didn't change the price he was asking either.
We met up a couple weeks later at IPOR after he had the A/C fixed. Chatted quite a bit more, paid the man, said goodbyes and parted ways.
His other rig was a 2007 FJ Cruiser that his buddy drove to do the exchange. To have a buddy to drive 4-6 hours for you - I think that says a lot about a guy - he was a good dude.

I am still running those BFG's, the seats are still ripped, and there's still a couple of cosmetic things. But - it'll all get done in time.

RIP Jon and sincere condolences to your friends. 🍻

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