bulbs for lights in Kaymar bumper

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Jul 22, 2005
Have a few light bulbs burned out, and darned if I can figure out what the replacement bulbs are. ANyone know what to replace the following bulbs with?

Trifa 12V P21W 2FZ C3
Trifa 12V R10W 2FY E3

I'm not in the same city as my LC, but when I replaced my park light bulbs on the kaymar I don't believe they were standard 1156 because it was like a 10watt bulb.
There were actually 2 bulbs that I was torn between at Walmart (Both Sylvania), I went with the higher wattage. I think this is the type of bulb I got, I know it looks like it:

Type 67 which is about 10watts. If I remember correctly the type 89 is just a little lower wattage ~7watts.

The other one you mention, may be the 1156 because that is usually a 21watt bulb, but I can't say for sure since I didn't change the brake or turn signal bulbs.

EDIT: Just found this site... I think it could be pretty useful for searching only on wattage and voltage or only a few specs of a bulb: http://www.donsbulbs.com/cgi-bin/r/t.pl
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Those are old school bulbs. Kinda like the ones in my '77 Mercedes.

They're not hard to find.
Here are the correct replacement bulbs

Stopped by Checkers this afternoon, found a Sylvania replacement for Trifia bulbs. They were at the bottom of the Light bulb rack and were labeled "European Lamps". I think the lights in the Kaymar bumper are Hella's, but not certain. Below are the replacement part numbers.

Trifa 12V P21W 2FZ C3 ---> Sylvania 7506 (P21W) (bigger bulb, 2 in ea. light)
Trifa 12V R10W 2FY E3 ---> Sylvania 5008 (R10W) (smaller bulb, 1 in each light)
Yes, the Kaymar bulbs appear to burn out rather quickly. I've replaced 4 in the 2 years I've had it on. Just go to the local autoparts store: Autozone, Kragen, take your pick and look for either a turn signal bulb or similar looking size and it should work just fine. I just made sure it was a 12volt application. The new ones haven't burned out as quickly either.
rockclmbr said:
The new ones haven't burned out as quickly either.

I thought you didn't care about your bulbs. ;p

For some reason I'm still running the original bulbs. Guess I'm lucky.

Thanks smokethedog for the bulb numbers. :cheers:
I thought you didn't care about your bulbs.

I don't, but it did drive me nutz when everyone had to point out that my light was out!
well, upon inspection, the bumper I now have which is a few years old has light reflectors saying to use 21W bulbs and the bulbs in there indeed were 21W, but it was also clear that it had gotten too hot at some point and some of the plastic mounts inside the light had become brittle from the heat and were easy to break. So I fixed that easily enough with longer screws but I also replaced the bulbs for the tail lights with less powerful ones (about 13W). I think that's safer and will not as likely to damage the plastic. They are still plenty bright. In fact brighter than the bulbs in the cruiser tail lights, strangely enough. The 21W were way brighter.

IOW, might be good to watch your lights if you're running the 21W bulbs.

(The above is of course assuming that the extra heat effects observed is not because some PO did run bulbs more powerful than 21W at some time.)
Went to Pep Boys and found a like replacement.

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