built ARB'd chevy 44 front $1500!! SoCal

Jul 4, 2005
built ARB'd chevy 44 front $1500!! SoCal, Ventura county


Got a full width 6 lug chevy 44 front. Axle has -
ARB with 5.38 gears
4340 Yukon short side inner
4340 Warn longside inner
CTM U-joints
Complete stock axles with inners, joints and stubs for both sides
Crane HD bling diff cover
Fabbed superknuckles with single hole TRE hysteer arms
Chevy "big" calipers
High Angle Toyota conversion flange
Drive flanges
Spare stock knuckles and brake caliper mounts
Spare thick diff cover
Spare drive flanges
Spare Warn premium lockin hub (1)
Spare spindle nut set
Also has the ram mount/truss welded on for the full hydro, but does not include the ram, clamps or tie rods.

Only $1500!!!
Jul 4, 2005
Not unless I get desperate in a few months. I don't have time to ship every little piece right now.
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