eBay Built 80 near West Palm Beach, FL

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United States
Saw this 80 on EBay. It's located at a shop called Stoney's Automotive in Hobe Springs, FL.


I'd love to know if anyone living in that area (near West Palm Beach, FL) could give it a look.
Called the dealership/shop and they primarily work on land cruisers. Let me mention that this is a 40th Anniversary Edition with just 133,xxx miles and has a 6 inch Slee Lift, ARB non-winch bb, Slee single swing out w/ spare. ATX Mohave wheels, and 35" BFG's.
Here ya go.....

Lol i figured around there but i expected that. Im no where near close to buying my dream truck yet but i keep looking them up..

This one got up to 7100 but didn't meet the reserve. I called them yesterday and they took my offer.

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