Building a Remote Control Rock Crawler Live-Streaming Truck, named Tofu. (1 Viewer)


Aug 19, 2019
Placeholder for Tofu, my RC Camera truck being built on the only platform I could afford (Redcat Everest 10). I rely on donations or things I already have for mods.

This project is by far one of my favorite things to work on, and has many purposes. I use it to inspect undercarriages and provide certain camera perspectives for my live stream at the moment. My Lx is being built as a live-streaming platform, and this little companion is a big part of it. I hope to be able to live stream mud events that I go to and provide live feeds of everyone’s beloved LCs from good angles (Tofu is responsible for getting shots of drive bys, suspension articulation, obstacles and etc).

Another thing I would love to do is organize live RC races/mini trail runs where several of us with RC livestream trucks like Tofu, can all race/run miniature trails, while sharing our experience with viewers. It would be cool to toggle back and forth between the live feeds of each participant. More on this later as I work out more kinks.

Keep in mind this is not FPV. I don’t want to share the feed to a phone and take up the phones WiFi, as I use my phone to hotspot the data needed to stream. Also, FPV systems aren’t designed to register on your computer as a “webcam”, which means I can’t share the feed live through OBS (broadcasting software). I went with HDMI transmitters so that I could share the feed (I can skype from the RC truck!) to multiple live broadcasting platforms at the same time (Facebook, YouTube twitch and etc).

Current Mods
- Brushless Motor and ESC From a Redcat Calderra that was donated to me.
- Hollyland 300 HDMI Transmitter (receiver is hooked up to laptop)
- Remounted battery to under tray
- mounted transmitter and universal tilting action camera mount
- Mounted 10000mah battery to power the action camera for 10+ hours

Future mods
- 6+ channel Radio controller and long range receiver (maybe one for Drones/RC Planes)
- use extra channels to add a servo-powered, RC controlled pan and tilt mount for action cam
- adapt the truck to use one battery bank for everything including the ESC/motor (usb adapter?), hdmi transmitter and action cam, and upgrade to 20000 mah battery bank
- get someone to print a 70 series Ute body to top it off, with a cutout to allow the antennas and camera to stick out the back of the pickup body
- add a second camera for backup/rear camera
- shorter cables and secure the connectors

I’m going to fire up the stream later and give you guys a live look from Tofus perspective. I’ll leave a clip for reference for now.

Sorry about Bluetooth mic quality, I stopped using it after that stream.




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