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Mar 21, 2005
Ok, now before I get booted off the forum, my cruzer tagged, and my house burned let me explain ; )

I had a 84' toyota pickup that I was gonna throw this engine in but I had to sell the truck and never had the chance to put it in.
The engine is a 83-84 odd fire 231 V6. It is carburated, has been rebuilt (cleaned, refinished: block, heads, crank, etc.), new pistons, lifters/springs, and new seals. It has a carb (not sure if its stock) but I've been told it should be rebuilt or at least gone through. This is my first engine but all the work so far has been done by a shop. It just needs to be put together. I don't know what pictures people would want/need so let me know.
I have about $1250 into it but I need to get $1000 out of it. I'm not in a hurry and if this isn't the place for it just let me know and I will delete it.
I know this won't work for a 55 or above but may for a 40. I know they are used a lot in smaller trucks and cars and are often used in dune buggies. I wanted it for my pickup because of the size to power/torque ratio compared to the toyota V6 for the pickups.


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