Bug Catchers are here!

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thats pretty sweet other than i have no idea what im looking at,

looks good?
Those who wnt them know what it is. These are tyhe weather-stripping for the old "BUg Catcher" style weather-stripping that goes on the wing window. These are for the older models ranging from 1961-65 or so. Seeing that you have a 76, you ahve a newer style.


And, people often confuse bug catchers with vent wing windows...
Advent said:
Your '76 doesn't have them.

Edit: This was aimed at camcruiser13.

no sir it dont, not that i know of anyway, someone correct me if i am wrong
thats cool. I am going to let my bud know about this. I have thought of trying to fit a set of bugcatcher uppers on my doors since I cant open my wing window due to it hitting my cage. Bug catcher would work though.. So, I may too be hitting you up for a set!

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