Bug Catcher Vent Rubber

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Aug 25, 2005
Cambria, California
I received an inquiry concerning producing the bug catcher vent rubber. Being a 55 guy, I had no idea what he was talking about. My only experience with orphan cruisers was the 45LV and the 55. My 10 minute search showed the vent window style was from a 58-63 FJ40. Was there two versions of the bug catcher window produced? Was the bug catcher window used on the FJ45?

Thank you for any information you can provide.

i'm no expert, but yes the bug catcher windows were used on the early fj45 pickups. The doors and window config are the same on the early 45 pickup as the early fj40.
Opps....BUG CATCHER is not same as vent window. Previous comment deleted :)
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Mistyped 1958-62 FJ40 model years. Two variations, 17 or 18 inch vent window glass.


Correction again, real bug catchers were made from '58 to mid '65, and came with corrugated tops only. Mid '65 is when Toyota made the change to the now more common top with the corner glass, and when corrugated tops, and bug catcher windows ended. Bug catcher windows open forward like kick vents, "scooping" the air into the cab...hence the term "bug catcher" Everything after mid '65, up until '74 (I think) had wing windows, or vent windows, but they were not bug catchers, and do not use the same seal.

That said, I'd be interested to see what you come up with...hopefully you can get a "one piece" seal made :cheers:
65 and earlier bug catcher vent rubber was reproduced by robert furman. yes, all 40 series had them. they are easily recognizable by the fact that they pivot in the rubber itself, not on actual metal pivot points like the 66-74 model vent windows. there were two different heights, so furman sold bulk material cut to fit to make it work with both heights
Just an update...I got an email from Robert Furman a couple of weeks ago stating that he is not selling the bug catcher gaskets currently...maybe again sometime in the future. Anyone else?
...might as well repeat my bit as well.

I really tried to buy some from Robert this past spring, but he stopped responding to e-mails and phone calls. Too bad to, I knew someone local to him who was willing to go and pick it up for me right away, and pay him cash.

Edit: back to looking through the classified :beer:
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This is still not classifieds Dean....
True...sorry bout that. Maybe I should have asked if anyone is willing to make some, I be interested. I think there were pics posted in the 25 section that showed them cut away. I'd volunteer mine, but my '64 was once to close to a barn fire, and they are not good enough to copy.

Did you ever source a set...I remember you were looking as well...
Here is the Bug Catcher thread currently running in the 45 section. Please send any responses to the 45 thread, so we have a single consolidated discussion between the 25, 40 and 45 groups.


I am at the point where we will need to get a sample of the new ones (just a small section from each extrusion), and have an idea of what type of demand there is for them moving forward.

Here is my last post on the subject.


If anyone has any further pictures, CAD drawings, or specs that would be helpful in the process.



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