Budget Cruiser Challenge

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Mar 11, 2007
As much as I love a built truck that's all shiny with more gizmo's and gadget's than the Jetson's, I really appreciate a capable rig built on a budget. Especially when it's been done DIY with old school methods. it doesn't have to be 'finished', they never really are anyways.

I want to see if there are many other sensible folks out there building sick Land Crushers without dropping $10k... Let's see who has the baddest rig with the lowest pricetag.

Post the following info:

-Year, model of Crusier.

-Vehicle stats

-Vehicle name.

-Total dollar value invested into truck. You don't have to itemize unless you are a real geek.

Rules are:

-Include all vehicle costs except regular maintenance items. (i.e oil changes, stock tune ups, etc.) This includes the purchase price of vehicle, all aftermarket and performance parts, all oem parts you have replaced, tires, wheels, electronics, lights, winches, paint, exhaust, suspension, tinting, glass, etc.

-Include all labor costs to have any mods and all repairs (even emissions related) and body work performed. Anything you pay to have done to your vehicle that is not regular stock maintenance is included. You can get away with not adding up your own labor for mods done by yourself.

-Post pics of your setup, be as detailed as you want but keep it to a minimum.

-Be honest about what you've done, it'll be more interesting and you may get called on your b.s.

Extra props to people who do it themselves without aftermarket parts, like they did back in the day.:cheers:
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I'm Out!

Love the idea though. If only I had good pics of mine back in the day! All you Craigslisters I also would love to see what ya got

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