BTB 4" lift?

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Apr 13, 2009
Bar Harbor, Maine
I'm getting close to being able to afford a lift for my awesome but sagging 85 FJ60. Any thoughts on the BTB 4 inch lift for the 60? Is there anyway I can come away with a 2.5 inch lift set up for under $1000?

Holy crap, BTB is still in business?

I have no experience with the BTB lift but can recommend the Old Man Emu and the Hell for stout. The new Mojave setup from Man-A-Fre looks good too.

You could do an Add a leaf for cheap that would get you about an inch to two inches over stock. That and some new shocks would work. Just look out for broken and bent leafs.
It's a little over $500 for the Old Man Emu springs. The rest of the stuff costs another grand--the shackles, shocks, etc. It's all designed to work together. But if you can't wait until you can scrape together another $500, you could start out with the springs and shocks if you can re-use your shackles, pins and U-Bolts. Get the less expensive rubber bushings. Then when you get the money, buy the OME shackles, pins and fancy yellow bushings.
I have the HFS kit and I wouldn't recommend them. Now I'm looking at redoing the rear springs again at the very least.
The 2-3" OME front 'light load' springs are about $200 for both.
Rear 2-3" springs are $300 for both. CS017RA & CS017RB


Longer shocks (maybe)
Bushings OMESB1 (includes 6 bushings, enough for one leaf and shackle end)
U-bolts OMEU59B (need 4)
Shackles OMEGS1 is the rear shackle kit- both sides- with greasable pins.

... that starts adding up, just under $1000 for all if you shop around.
anyone know if OME changed the color of their bushings??

i just got an OME Medium kit from Man-a-Fre and my bushings are black. they look identical to the yellow's.. just not yellow!
prolly cause they arnt OME bushings. MAF just used similar bushings they had in stock that were cheaper.
I am currently looking into the iron man suspension kit from camel 4X4, right around $1000 but I haven't research them too far yet.
The OME kit from MAF has bushings that are not OME, and I don't believe the shackles and pins are either. I asked before I bought. That's the reason I purchased my kit from a different vendor.

The shackles and pins are very much OME indeed. came in a brand new sealed Old man emu box, with old man emu instructions and the shackles have the OME sticker on the side recommending the grease type.

the only thing non OME in the kit i purchased were the bushings i suppose. they seem to be working well.

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