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Mar 19, 2008
Lansdowne, ONTARIO
Was considering a set of Toyota (or other) brush guards to go on my recently ordered FJ Trails. But reading a Foreunner thread, most folks consider them a liability at best.
I guess then you mud haters would prefer an ARB or Warn front bumper.
I was wanting to get a Lucrum Industries Winch Mount with D-Rings which is think is neat. I can keep the stock bumper but I wanted some more protection without going to the whole heavy front end replacement.

FJ Cruiser Accessories from Pure FJ Cruiser - Lucrum Industries Winch Mount with Powder Coat and D-Rings # Lucrum Winch with D-rings

Any thoughts?
I removed a damage multiplier off my 80-series and installed the ARB....yes, it's more weight, but not significantly...and I'll wager that the Lucrum winch mount combined with any of the other 'multipliers' out there won't be a significant weight change either....

Tagged a deer about 15 months back with my 80 series, at 70 mph....had to wash off the ARB...

worth every penny
Bumper installation is not whole front end replacement - it's pretty easy once you get past popping the plastic clips. And there is a range of options out there to choose from.

Re. to the damage multiplier, if you do hit something, tree, deer, other car, poet, etc., you may well be replacing the front clip. The OEM brushguard on my 94 4runner did over $3K in damage when I kissed the back of a minivan that stopped short.
i think the name says it all "brush guard" only good on brush! do it right and get the arb
if you wanted something a little different then a full bumper Demello makes a baja style bumper that has a brush guard winch mount and the bumper part is tubing so it will still offer protection.
For the peace of mind, real protection of the front end, and savings on insurance claims, go with a real bumper that can handle parking lots, wildlife, and adventures with out having to worry how you're going to get out or get repaired. There's alot of reasonable, sensible options that don't have to break the bank while offering something far better than anything that Toyota is currently offering (useless bling).
I say go with FabFours all the way. Best bumper on the market for the FJ IMO. FabFours and Road Armor make the best front bumpers for looks and toughness.
I like the Expedition one bumper with integrated "brush guard". I've also though about maybe finding someone who can do a custom tube frame around my stock bumper, but that would likely still require cutting up the bumper some.

I've also seen bars that come up from underneath that might offer some protection, but certainly not as much as a full bumper.

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