Brush and limb protection- hard top and soft/ under carriage.

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Mar 3, 2010
I have been getting out into more and more unused unmaintained roads recently and to this point I have not had any issues aside from a wire pulled off of the vacuum canister. But I have 2 issues in mind. First is protecting the outer body. Based on how I've been using the truck I've realized that I should never care about it in terms of it looking pretty.... basically its getting the **** scratched out of it. However I would like to think about protecting the body and side windows/weatherstripping. I'm planning on running a couple of wire rope lines from the front corners of the hood up to the front corners of the top to try to sweep the branches up over the truck. How well does this work?

I have a hard top now- I'm really starting to wonder if the soft top will hold up to the beating. If nothing else it seems the windows will get scratched up pretty quick!

The underside- do I need to prep anything and if so what kind of prep can I do down there? Are there particular areas that need protection. I'm not talking about rocks and logs- but pretty heavy green saplings and plants. Not sure that I need a brush guard up front as all of this stuff just lays down as you go over it.

Truck is a late model body FWIW.

Cant post pics......

So the stuff doesn't look so bad now does it- but it's pretty tough and will be even bigger next week- and then next week....


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