Brown Mountain..... and beyond 7/23

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Oct 31, 2014
Charlotte, NC
Since I am missing the HC trip (I wish I was there...) I am planning on hitting Brown Mountain tomorrow morning. Will be at the station where they sell the day pass at 9am. Never been there, but have to go to check it off my list.

Afterwards, will probably hit Richland Rd, maybe swing around 192 again.

Not planning this around food and drink, just driving and bringing food and drink to stop somewhere on the trail.

Anyone welcome to join!

forrest5000, slceso, how bout you gents?
Sunday I could do. Tomorrow we have a scout thing in the morning.
Well, Browm Mountain is COOOOL! 9 mile loop, trail 1 and 8. Not boring, not rock crawling, but good overall. A couple of deep waterholes, some rocky areas, nice washouts, some tight trail sections, 1.5 hours without stopping. Would do it again.

I had to come back shortly after, work work work never ends.

Sorry we couldn't hook up. Drove by there on the way to Linville Caverns/falls. I have the season pass, but have only gone once.
We used to do an annual ONSC Brown Mountain trip once a year, sneak out before Mortimer Campground closed and catch the Brown Mountain Lights. Then get in trouble when we snuck back into the campsite from the camp host. Lake James State Park locks you into the campsite so you can't leave.

Not very technical, but the rock bald with the scrub pines at the top is a very unique feature. Wife damaged the factory running boards on the 80, and was the start of the sliders conversation!

Love getting the looks from the motorcyle riders when they come around not paying attention and see a truck coming around the corner!
I was expecting something from the motorbikes, but I could hear them and got out of the way, they all waved, no attitudes at all.
Nathan and I have been talking about going out there to ride dirt bikes. I hear it's the bee's knees. How much was the "trail pass?" It's an honor system drop it in the box kind of thing, right?
There are a lot of trails for motorbikes. I only saw one jeep on the trail. $5 is the pass and you buy it across the street from the entrance on this nice place. With the windows down I could hear the bikes closing in, no problem. The only time I was concerned was at the very end, it all downhill, and some had their motors off and just gliding down. Still, everyone seemed pretty nice. Then again, my truck was surrounded by butterflies and unicorns.


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