brown 60 seats anyone?

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Sorry, its just the seats. I used the sliders on the new seats I put in. The seats are in too good of a condition to take to the dump right away.
Oh, they are heaven. The stock 60 seats tortured my back and hips. After about an hour in them, my back was screaming at me. The trip from LA to VA was uncomfortable to say the least. My trip to CO will be so much more comfortable.
the new seats look great. what kind are they?
Either Saturday around lunchtime or Sunday ~2 would work. Are you not near arlington anymore? [should change your mud location]

Just to be clear, I'm to tear these apart, install new cushioning, see how the upholstery fairs in the washing machine. I plan to do this to my own seats and thought this could be a good trial run in case I screw something up.

Email me at becker DOT c AT gmail and we can finalize a day/time
Chris, I live in an apt so I cannot work on my truck. Whenever I need to, I drive out to my parents place in Burke to work on the truck. Thats where I did the seat replacement and left the original ones there. I dont really care what you do with them. They are just a little too nice to throw away really. They arent torn or ripped and could probably clean up pretty easily with some upholstery cleaner. I wouldve done the same thing with them that you are proposing to do but my body doesnt get along with the general design of them. I have these new seats in there and will never go back to stack seats.

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