Broken Saginaw PS pump shaft?

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Apr 7, 2009
low desert of So Cal
Anyone know what would cause a "new" re-manufactured Saginaw pump to break it's shaft? I did a mini truck PS conversion. and on the second trip out lost power steering. Just Wondering WTH!? It's an early '70's GM truck pump with the smaller machine pulley that I read about hear on MUD (the name escapes me at the moment) with the Bill D. brackets. Every thing lined up perfect on first install and wass real happy with the way it worked, although when aired down it was a little harder to steer than at full pressure but I figured that should be expected?
Too much maybe I shouldn't have gone with the Martins Parts Orion pulley? I know pumps are cheap and easy to replace, just trying to figure out why in hopes to avoid the problem again if it's something with my set up. hopefully it was just a faulty pump.
A larger pulley would put more torque on it, but the belt slipping would limit it. A smaller pulley will run it faster.
Chances are it was a bad pump. I have never seen this happen.

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