broken hub flange bolt(s)

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Jun 28, 2002
Colorado Springs, CO
In preparation for a bit of a road trip this weekend, I repacked my wheel bearings. When bolting on the outer hub flange (with the freewheel hub selector on it) I managed to break off the heads of 2 bolts.

I'll be driving 3.5-4 hours each way. While there the plan is to do some light wheeling, nothing hardcore (read: open diffs).

Does anyone know the bolt size and thread for these? Am I looking for disaster if I leave without getting this fixed, or should I shrug it off till I get back?
I ran with 5 or 6 for a while on my superwinches with no issues. I would try and get them out tho, and any decent hardware store will have metrics on the shelf that will work.

if they are side by side, you are asking for breakage. if it's 2 good, one bad, two good, one bad, then I wouldn't worry. if it's 3 good, one bad, one good, and one bad, then it's marginal...
Hi, I'm seeing more of this lately .When you can I'd replace them all. Mike
I've had one break off and it didn't affect wheeling.

Those hub control cover bolts are super soft and we all seem to over torque them. Would be a good idea to upgrade to cap screws with allen heads to prevent us from going nuts with the sockets.
Only 10 N-m, that is hand tight:

Is that dry or wet torque :p

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