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Devilmans Hand

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Aug 4, 2008
Commonwealth of N.VA
Think I fixed the problem.
I opened up the top of the carb and examined everything. A lot of the screws holding the horn on were a little loose. Maybe they wiggled themselves loose from engine vibration?
The brass piece that the needle valve slides into had somehow unscrewed itself 3/4 a turn. I screwed it back in, reassembled everything, and the cruiser ran a whole lot better. Buddy and i did a quick tune and took it for a test ride.

Now it runs stronger than ever and i can really feel the secondary kick on.

We did notice a little engine knock though that coincided with engine rpm. buddy thinks it is a lower rod bearing. The knock is slow and not bad, but is this something i can fix by just dropping the pan and changing each rod bearing one at a time? buddy used to do this on Cadillac engines. This might make for a good tech day.
Apr 16, 2006
Manassas Va
Excellent! Glad to hear it's back up and running again

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