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Sep 22, 2003
Ill be heading back to Az for spring break with 2 girls and a guy and id like to take them to broken arrow. (ive done it like 5 times) but for people from out of state they all love it. Ill be back in az between the 20th and the 27th would any one like ta meet up? nothing to serious just cruise in and let them take some pics ect..

Hmmmm.... it's pretty close for me too
Depending on the date, I'd probably come down and join you
well i guess im asking you guys what dates would work for you? im very flexiable and if we can squeeze more people in on a certain day id gladly go that day. like i said those dates above work for me but id prefere it to not be on fri or sat if possible, although if we get enough people i may try and get out of those previous engagments.

Is that trail stocker friendly? Sedona is next door to me...but I've never been out there yet.
CodyRx7 said:
Is that trail stocker friendly? Sedona is next door to me...but I've never been out there yet.

It is basically a touron super highway. I went through just fine stock, but I don't have the running board option. Skeddy damaged his boards when his was stock but that was a few years ago.

The Pink Jeeps fly through there, but they are on a timeframe. When you are soloing it they try to push you around like it is thier trail. If you are running 3 or 4 deep they won't pull that stuff.

It is a great local trail to shakedown new mods on before you go to somewhere serious as there are different lines to make things more difficult.

I ran BA with a stock 4Runner, with running boards, no problem. We had ~12 in the group, and the Pink Jeeps went crazy because we were ruining their schedule. They went so far as to sick the ranger on us, telling him we had left the trail (which we most certainly hadn't). The Nissan group sent a nice letter to several officials including the Forest Service and the gov'nor or senator, someone like that. Don't know if the PJ's got tamer after that or not, I've never gone back.

I have a physical therapy appointment at 9:00 guessing for 1.5 hours - since it is freezing here - might want to make it later in the day when it is warm?

anytime after that I am free :) been wanting to take the 80 up there since the new lift and stuff and check it out on the rocks
can do will do a later in the day trip say 11:00 does that work? at the entrance to broken arrow? we will prob run it and stop a few times to let them take pics and walk around on submarine rock ect..

I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to make it... Will know for certain tomorrow night.
ok for anyone whos going the meeting place is the little parking area just outside the broken arrow trail. we will meet at 11:00 am

see ya there.

Had a great time today, especially sliding down the muddy staircase!

Mike's passengers were freaking out a little when he hit this line and the body rolled to the right...
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