Bringing a cruiser back from a 12 year sleep...

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Feb 17, 2002
Las Vegas
Ahhh, what fun...

Imagine a 72 FJ40 that could not pass smog before it was parked. Then, let it sit for 12 years or so :)

So far..

Fluids change, (oil, gasoline, coolant)
New carb
New thermostat (housing stripped of course)
New water pump
Wired for an O2 sensor and gauge
Door handles rebuilt
Replace the Vac retard dizzy with a vac advance unit
New points/condensor/wires/plugs
New exhaust/intake manifold gasket
Added a rear seat
New seatbelts
Adjust the rear hatch so it opens
Brand new 33x10.50x15" BFG at's
1/4" spacers for the front (!@#$!@# 3.75" BS rims)
rebuilt the speedometer (100 mph is not quite right..)

On the list still to do is replace the hoses
Disk brake conversion.
Possibly replace the TRE's
Seats possibly
FJ60 Power steering eventually (long term)
2.5" lift springs and replace the damn extended shackles.

Well mine sat for about 6 years. All I did to get it back out and about was easy. I towed it to work which wasn't easy to start with. All I have is a tow dolly (front wheels off ground only) and I could not get the truck out of 4wd. Well I crawled under there and the shift linkage on the 4wd selector was not connected. After fixing that with a hair pin I got it on trailer and all I did was drain tank, new plugs, and cleaned carb. I got a rebuild kit for the carb off ebay and it worked fine for what I needed. Put a lil gas in carb and vroom right up. Also I like in Ky so I don't have to worry about emissions or anything. It would fail sooo bad its not even funny but I still rock it. lol Good luck with yours I know I love mine
Good luck with yours I know I love mine

That's the funny part, it goes away next sat or sun ;)

I got to do all the work, then watch it leave lol
what did you do with the old carb :confused:
Sitting in the box of Holley parts
Ahhh, runs fairly well (will need to be retuned for Corpus Christie elevation) Disk brake conversion became necessary due to some REALLY bad front drum brakes..

Loaded er up on a trailer yesterday, and away she went..

Kinda odd to see the old lady go away. But she is back in her owners hands :)

Hopefully some of you Texas folk will get to see her every so often :)
I used the mini stuff (cause I already had it)

the 60 conversion is better IMHO tho
But only marginaly.

Big bro Seemed to be pleased at how well the brakes worked afterwards :)

I didn't even get to drive it afterwards lol

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