brighter dash lights?

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Jan 19, 2007
San Francisco
Greetings forum, has anyone ever install the PIAA superwhite dash bulbs?
im looking to get a brighter dash when lights are on
thanks for the input
No, but I had planned to do so on my '76 FJ40 before I sold it. I sold the bulbs and one of the guys I sold a set to said they were brighter and seemed to work fine...No first hand experience though, sorry
Not sure if you've ripped your guages apart yet, but in my 84 when you pull the bulbs they have a little transparent green sock over them to give the green color behind the dash. If you pull this sock off you lose the green but the dashlights get a little brighter. I've never tried the brighter bulbs. Just getting in there and cleaning the bulbs off, and the inside of the guage lenses helped a bit.
Lose the green "condoms" over the bulbs and order new, colored bulbs. The condoms block a LOT of light from coming through the gauges. I changed out all my dash bulbs with red colored bulbs of the same style (198 bulbs IIRC, but I could be wrong. I'd have to look) that I ordered from Made a HUGE difference. My gauges are much easier on the eyes now when driving at night.
I tried searching on the topbuld site however came up empty. Is the 198 IIRC the type of buld or do I search under a different name? Thanks.
Search for a thread about LED dash lights.... some good discussion and ideas.

198 bulbs (IIRC-If I Recall Correctly) I just had mine out the other day, should have looked for a part number on them. Maybe check spectors website.

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