Brifeild disassembly woes from today (1 Viewer)

Aug 26, 2008
In my front axel teardown I had planed on replacing my brifeilds with new units from slee in an attempt to rid the truck of the 1/8 of driveshaft slop we figured was in the brifelilds:crybaby: it not. So to do this the axel has to come out, attempted to do it according to the FSM by placing the unit in a vice and driving it out. Aparently monkey fists with the hammer hit too hard and broke the splines. Well the axel shaft is out, but now I need a new shaft or 2 as the other shaft got a similar beating. :rolleyes::eek:

My question in all this is how the heck do you get the shaft out without breaking the splines? Is there a trick to it? Also where is the best place for new shafts?

Also where else could the slop I am getting be? With the front in the air I can turn one tire 8-6 inches before the opposite end tire moves. Going down the road and letting off the gas or getting back on it I get a hard solid thud.:bang::confused:

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