Breaking into your own 62

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May 23, 2004
deep south TX
locked keys inside the cruiser and cant find spare. has anyone had any luck unlocking it with one of those "slim jim" thingies. i cant even get it in between the glass and the seal. would hate to pay locksmith 40 bucks.
Ive had luck slipping a wire or coathanger or something through the top of the window and making it the right shape to poke the unlock button. Its worked on other vehicles for me before, if you cant get enough pressure on it maybe you could go from passenger side?

I've accidentally unlocked my 60 with my Mazda keys several times....

Ditto on the coathanger, especially with vehicles this old.
Slim jim won't work. The vertical lock button's rod is in a shroud down in the door. Slim jim can't grab it.
I locked my key in my 62 about two weeks ago and was surprised when AAA told me that FJ62s are on some list of cars that can't be opened via a slim jim / tow truck without significant damage to the door. They basically refused to help open the door via the slim jim method, and recommended a locksmith come out and cut a new key (at significant cost, of course). Luckily, I was able to find the spare key after lots of searching. Good luck...
I had a guy come and get the keys out of my moms van one day and he had a really slick setup. He had a little air bladder that he slipped between the door and the seal and pumped it up to get enough clearance to easily slip a nice stout but easily bendable wire in to pop the lock. Took him like 2 minutes.
62s are easy

MY fj62 is the easiest vehicle i've ever owned to break into...i've locked keys in twice, once in the driveway, once at a bank. Simply use needlenose plyers and unscrew the 3 bolts holding the latch on the back hatch that swings up and open (the top piece on the rear with the window). the bolts aren't torqued much at all and are right there to access. Took me 5 min. first time, but 2min 2nd time. Easy full proof damage free method. Just don't let any thieves watch ya!
I have a 60 and used a friends key from his 62. It wouldn't start my truck but the doors were not a problem.

yea, like LnMsjf, I've found a number of FJ60 & 62 keys would open doors; some would start my rig too . . .
However, finding a Mazda ( or unbolting rear window) is faster than finding another 60 in my neck o de woods
My doors open right up with any GMC SUV key. Don't ask me how I found this out...
Last time this happened to me, I was heading towrds the airport and I stoped at a bank to get cash. Luckily, the locksmith was located right in front of the bank. Best part was, I got the locksmiths kid to do the job for 10 bucks....:grinpimp:
Last time this happened to me was in the parking lot at the parts store. Left the keys in the truck so wife could listen to radio. she decided to go into the store next door. I come out to find the radio playing, key in ignition, doors all locked.:mad:

Had to go in store and buy an overpriced crappy slim jim. The good break in kit is at the shop, of course. It is possible to slim jim the unlock rod from the button down to the latch...

Disclaimer: In another life I was a licensed towtruck driver w/ experience in unlocking vehicles that were parked illegally.
Yeah what agent orange said, my father used to unlock vehicles in his towing business. It is usually the best & quickest way to unlock a vehicle. It works best for automatic locks. You just slip the air bladder between the door and roof and pump it up. Then you just use the rod to either manually unlock it (FJ60) or use the power lock (FJ62).

How would you grab the lock tab with the rod? On my caddy i just made a little loop and slipped it over the knob, but its straight and smooth on the cruiser.
i admit, i never lock my doors. dont ever leave the keys in tho'
also, nothing to steal, except my cheap costco cd player
Yeah, i never lock my doors when im at home, its bad when i go into richmond because i always find myself starting to walk away with it unlocked.
I never lock doors either. I have it up on jackstands ready for the knuckle rebuild and someone did me a favor and locked her up without checking if keys were in there. im going to try and unbolt the hatch. I saw that the bolts are easily accessible, but it was too late last night and all my tools are locked up inside the cruiser.

Got it!

Took me about 15 min. I used 10mm flare wrench that i had just bought from sears. Luckily it was not in my tool box inside the cruiser yet. i removed the three bolts from the top hatch. It did nothing at first, but then I reached under and pulled on the bottom half lever and it all just kinda came undone and the hatch opened. Now on to the knuckle rebuild.

Thanks for your time muchachos!
Not sure if this applies to 62's but on 60's/70's/minitrucks, the next time you have a door panel off check out the guts of the door latching mech. Inside there is a tab that will actuate the vertical lock rod. It's accessible from underneath the latch mech. A piece of 3/16 cold roll bent in a hook shape can be slid between the window and outer door and pulled up under the latch to pop the lock. As a locksmith I'd just pick it need to make a key from scratch and no chance of breaking the window in -30 deg.

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