braking = steering wheel wobble....whats wrong

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Mar 5, 2006
I have posted a thread on here before about why my steering wheel wobbles back and forth when i brake.... i just switched my summer wheels and tires on ..and the problem still exists.

Wheels and tires very well balanced, and aligned pretty nicely.
Winter wheels stock with 33" BFG At
Summer wheels 17" alloys with 33" BFG Mt

Could this be a warped brake rotor issue?
Could this be a steering linkage issue?

Any help would be appreciated.....

Thanks, colin
Check your panhard bushings and bolts. Also the steering stabilizer, bushings, and bolts.

My money is on warped rotor(s). I had the same issue and just did a birf rebuild. While the hubs were off, I had the rotors turned and one was pretty warped. Took two passes on the machine. FYI, you can probably leave the rotors on the hubs when you have them turned (I did).
Is your's constant? Mine seems to be intermittent. I cannot get it nailed down and duplicate it just when I think it is doing it all the time, I go to stop and it is smooth as glass.
Warped rotors

I would say rotor(s) are warped. Mine did not do it all the time but was very noticable when braking down hill. I ruined my last ones braking down a very step trail and the brakes were smoking hot and then hit a puddle= warp city

I have had the same problem. Go with quality rotors.

I have looked at the gold series that are drilled and slotted but had to replace mine before I could get them shipped up to AK.
I just went through the same wobble. I would hit a nice bump in the road, and it would wobble like mad for about 40ft. I knew it wasn't the brakes, and I checked the bolts on the front end. Sure enough, I could spin the panhard bolts out with my hand. Tighened those up, and it hasn't happened since.

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