braket for york onbord air compressor

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Dec 14, 2005
Does anyone know if there is a prefabricated bracket for these on board york compressors? Anyone ever measure the CFM of these compressors?
The dealers had one years ago that they used as a dealer add on.We have one on our fj-40(1982). Mike
Would be helpful to know what you are trying to do. Mudrak has made a bracket for 2Fs for years.

But where does it mount? Does it replace the alternator? Link?
It pushes the alternator further out.

Cruiser onboard air

I've never been a big fan of that style. It doesn't leave enough belt on the York pulley in my opinion. At some point, I'm going to try to fab my own where the York is the tensioner for that belt circuit and the alt is moved down to the smog pump location with a FZJ80 alt.
Has anyone seen or fabbed one for a 12H-T?
Old Volvo 240's have a wrap around the compressor bracket that are a great starting point for a bracket setup.

The silver bracket on pic below is one.


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