Brakes work

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Oct 14, 2014
Remember in drivers ed the films you watched with the basketball bounces in the street and the kid runs after it? Well that happened to me Saturday. Kinda freaky how it was exactly like the films, anyway I was doing around 35 and here comes a basketball. Car parked on the side of the street which limited my view. Anyway I slammed on the brakes, small chirp from the tires and my truck stopped a good 30 feet short. I'm so impressed with it I felt I needed to post it up. Oh and I had a full tank of gas. Truck is lifted with 32's too. I feel more safe in my 32 year old truck than in my wife's new audi. You couldn't pay me enough to get me to sell my daddy wagon. Aloha
Pinit, glad your Cruiser responded correctly. With the way people drive in residential areas, I'm not surprised more kids aren't killed. When your in these areas people got to SLOW-DOWN! If you hit or kill a kid your conscience will be tattooed for life.
I've had that exact experience as well, felt like I was in a driver's ed film. The ball bounced from between a row of parked cars followed by the kid with outstretched arms. Just one of many crazy experiences on the road.

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