Brakes work poorly, excessive pedal travel.

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Mar 17, 2007
93 80 seies. Bought this Cruiser about a year ago. Brakes have never been great. Just lifted with 35's . Brakes stop fair in regular driving but if quick stopping is needed it's not happening. Removed the lspv, no change, bypassed the ABS for testing, no change. Changed all the brake fluid. Excessive pedal travel led me to change the master cylinder (internally bypassing) no change. I did a booster test and the only concern is when I start the engine with my foot on the break it travel almost to the floor. Supposed to move slightly. Booster passed air test. Booster bad? Any thoughts? Any help would be appreciated. Don't want to keep throwing parts at it.

I have a 40 with the same master cylinder and four wheel disc on 37's and it will put you In the windshield.
If you have to push really hard on pedal to stop it ("hard brake pedal") you probably need a new brake booster. Can be a pain in the neck to install but definitely doable, :banana::banana: job.
It's not hard to push. It did fail one of the fsm checks. Just want t be sure before I pull the trigger.
Might be as simple as a leakey vacuum seal at the manifold to booster hose? old/stiff/cracked rubber grommet thing? or leakey vacuum check valve?

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