brakes still spongy

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Aug 14, 2007
I've had a chain of problems with my brakes since replacing the master. I blew a line in front, both wheel cylinders one at a time, o-ring at base of resevoir was bad, and when doing my pads the other day had a frozen piston in one of the calipers. Every time I've found one of these problems and fixed it I've bled out the air and still had no brakes. I have to pump 2 or 3 times to get feeling. I have tried the booster test but am not sure I'm doing it right due to poor pedal. Booster appears to work ok though. Is it possible the master from autozone is bad?
You need to manually adjust your rear brakes by either:

Getting under the truck and using the brake adjusting tool and manually manipulating the adjusting wheel so that there is a slight drag when trying to spin the rear wheel.


If you are lucky enough to still have a functioning parking brake on the rear axle, ON BOTH SIDES, you can use the parking brake lever, by setting and then releasing the parking brake multiple times, as this action adjusts the rear brake shoes as well.

No other method will get the rear brake shoes properly adjusted; they are not ‘automatically adjusting’ brakes.

The rear brakes being out of adjustment is a very common reason for a ‘low’ pedal, or a multiple-pump brake situation.

Adjust the rear brake shoes and your pedal should be firm at the top of its travel.

I almost gave up I had to spin the adjuster so many times. But I now have brakes on the first pump. Thanks guys the life you saved may have been yours

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