Brake wheel cylinders?

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Apr 25, 2002
Bella Vista, AR
Are there really any differences in each brake wheel cylinder? I have one that is frozen in the back on the drivers side of my 73FJ40. I have several extras that I got with my Cruiser that are good. They all look basically the same to me. Is there any harm putting one of the others in it's place? Thanks!
;DRe: Brake wheel cylinders?

If they look the same and the bolt holes and brake lines line up what the hell put it on and give it a shot it cant hurt to try
Thats my theory :D
If I'm not mistaken, the bore on the fronts is a larger diameter.
I have had wheel cylinders so tight that they were impossible to disassemble. For what it's worth, heat and PB Blaster generally does the trick.
there are two holes for the brake lines to go into and out of in the rears, while the fronts have bleed nipples. the bleed nipple hole has a restrictor in the bore, and side to side differences include, the adjuster turns the opposite way to adjust up and down,

i've got front cylinders in my pass (left) side rear, it seems to work fine, but i do have a pull to the left, could be that, could be other issues. don't think it'd pull if the back was coming on too early would it
on a 71 one of the inside cylinders is bigger, I think its the front. if you want the same size, take it apart and see if its the same since you have several, they look the same on the outside.

My fronts are 1.25 inch single sided and my rears are 7/8ths double actuating from what i can tell. Doesn't matter were you put them, it is just the adjuster that you need to pay attention to. but i would NOT put a front on the rear and a rear on the front as it will most deffinitly give you diffrent Pull to one side because it has more or less force...

The other thing you can do is rebuild the wheel cylinders with new cups and rubber boots....i bought wheel cylinder rebuild kits from Napa for 5bucks each and a set of hones (3) for 23.00 bucks. Take the wheel cylinder apart. get some wd40 or if you have a parts cleaner just put it in that and let the solvent run through the cylinder and just hone duh bastard. It is pretty easy to do.

The parts diagram I have shows a different part# on each cyl. Mix and match may give some downright twitchy braking characteristics.Weeeehhaaaaa!
The rebuild kits are really easy to install.
My front & rear cylinders are different (FJ45 brakes). The front cylinders only have one moving piston per cylinder, while the rear has a moving piston on both ends of the cylinder. Other than that, the diameters are the same.
Why invest any money on the old setup. I did my rear disk brake conv. for $143. If you need a cylinder, I have the ones that came of my 72'?
Pay attention to the thread on the adjuster. Some are left hand and some are right. If you do move them make sure you wrote down which ones are where otherwise you will spend a bunch of time turning the adjuster the wrong direction.

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