Brake upgrade question

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Apr 5, 2009
I'm upgrading the brakes on a 65' FJ40 to later 76' axles with a GM power booster swap also. Would I be $$ and labor ahead if I were to use one of the pre-bent brake line kits some of the vendors offer? I'm guessing from what I've read the 65' will have the 9mm lines that are kind of a PITA to work with. TIA Steve
Hi All:

I dunno if you would be $$ ahead but I think it would be worthwhile to upgrade your '65 FJ40's brake system completely to the later (1970s) era parts.

Why the hydro-boost? The Land Cruiser booster and master cylinder combo works fine.


From what I was told when I put the same booster kit on a late production 70' it was the best way to go due to the early cowl design. The 70' I have been working on already had a front disc swap, I put the GM style booster (not hydro boost) on it with a rear disc kit from Downey and it stops on a dime now with 35" tires. Was I steered wrong on needing to use the GM kit due to the early cowl design?
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With the early cowl, you would need to cut the support on the cowl or get a spacer for the power booster.

Hi All:

Like Shawn wrote the firewall support on the 1960s era 40/45 Series must either be clearanced, or an adapter fitted.

It is quite easy to retro-fit the later (1970 & 80s) Toyota brake parts onto a 40 Series. My '74 has '78 Land Cruiser disc brakes, along with a 4wd mini-truck booster and a '89 4Runner master cylinder.

Lots of good info here on MUD about brake swaps and upgrades.

Good luck! :cheers:

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Upgrade to the larger fittings and don't get prebent brake lines, get a double flare kit for about 30 bucks and bend the tubing gently around anything round like a chunk of pipe(carefully, do not crush it) or spend ten bucks on a little brake line bender, then go slow and you can customize your stuff, help your buddies and also do things in the future with your new tools. Always invest in tools, if you can, when the opportunity arrises!!
Totally agree w/ Mattcamp especially about investing in tools. Speaking about that, what double flare kit would you recommend. I've heard that some are junk.
I like this bender:


H E R E <---- this is a link

Sold by A.E.D. is the best bender for brake tubing and has the smallest radius available. I use it over all other benders in the drawer....

It was discussed in THIS THERAD along with a couple other really great brake line tools...

Like this:

Eastwood <---- this is a link

It is really all that, and a sack of fries....

Any suggestions on a good flaring tool?

Seriously? :confused: Did you not read through Poser's post right above your post? He even provided the link!


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