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Jan 5, 2017
Charlotte, NC & Alexandria, VA
After years of fooling around with the brakes on my 80s, I've finally decided to do something to fix the problem(s) permanently. To that end, I'm in the market for the ABS Actuator Checker (09990-00150) and the sub harness for the Land Cruiser. If I can't find one, I'll have to make one and the harness too, I suppose. I've decided the winter project is going to be troubleshooting the brake system, from end to end, identifying the potential/existing problems (the actual ones, not the ones which "may" exist) peculiar to the Land Cruiser, and developing solutions.

A little history: my first 80 was a 1994 triple locked green beauty with cloth interior, I was able to save from a used car dealer's son in 1998 (who didn't have any idea what he had). I only mention this because I distinctly remember how great the brakes were (when the truck was only four years old).

Fast forward to today and my stable includes a green 1994 with cloth interior (rescued from the Wisconsin salt mines via South Dakota) and two 1995s. The Jan '95 has brakes like it should, namely they work and will put your face on the steering wheel. The other two have brakes like everyone else's, namely they're mushy and pump up like there is air in the system, but no amount of bleeding has cured the problem thus far. The Jul '95 is going to be the test case. I've replaced the front brake system components (because they needed to be replaced) and the LSBPV and thus far have seen no brake system operation improvement. So rather than continue to replace every part in the system (which may restore the system to OEM quality, but which may not be possible, since some of the parts are out of production), I'm going to develop a brake system repair manual that includes what isn't in the FSM, in plain English.
Jan 6, 2012
I personally have felt a big difference in pedal feel depending on my lspv adjustment. Also make sure the lspv link rod isnt upside down. Which is easy to do.

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