brake squeal-Is it rotor or pads? Do I need to put grease?

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Dec 14, 2002
NW side of chicago
I have a 95 corolla that has 134k and the rotors have never been changed. I had personally just changed the pads for the third time of it's existence because it had a squeal. It still has the squeal even with the new pads and it occurs during warm weather and after the car has been driven around for about 15 minutes in city driving. The squeal goes away as I start applying pressure to the brake pedal. Is it the rotor (has never been turned)? I do not experience any pulsing pedal. Where can I put some anti squeal grease and does it work? What is the most common source of the squeal? Thanks for your opinion!
Disc brake squeal is almost always caused by the pads vibrating.

When you install, if the pads are not chamfered on the leading edge, you should use a file or sandpaper and put a small chamfer (angle) on the leading edge.

Also, you can buy anti-squeal paste, which you apply to the back plate of the pad where ti contacts the piston/caliper.

Doing those two things will generally kill the squeal.
You should never just change the pads "pad slap". A car will have a marked drop in stopping distance for the first few miles. Old pad material will be embeded in the old rotor.

Always have the rotors turned and or replaced. Never buy cheap pads. Always buy good quality pads like raybestos and or wagnor. Lastly, Aways replace the shims/anti raddle springs and lub the glidder pins and clean the caliper slide rails.
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