Brake Rotor Hot Spots?

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Jul 31, 2006
I have a pulsing sensation when braking, meaning it brakes harder during a certain region of the disk than other regions. There is no vibration in the brake pedal.

I've measured run-out and all disks were within spec. When I put the end of a wooden hammer handle against the disk as it was running, there were areas that would grab harder than others. I've been told that these are 'hot spots' and the only real cure is to replace the rotors and install new pads.

True or False?

As a stop gap, I scuffed up the rotors before putting the wheels back on. It helped a little, but the problem still persists.

It's a grocery getter and we are pretty easy on the brakes. Vehicle has 140K's on it.


I read through that thread before starting this one. Also, my version of scuffing involves a 4.5 inch grinder and a 60 grit disk while the vehicle/rotor is in Drive.

There wasn't any original glaze left on the disk when I was done. Although I can't believe we ever got the rotor hot enough to change the structure of the metal, I don't want to change out the disk if I don't have to.

Even after my scufffing job, there were still spots that grabbed the wooden hammer handle harder than others.


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