Brake Problems???

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Jan 30, 2003
Having trouble figuring out what to do for brakes. Have '63 fj40 that has odd year fittings. The fittings are 8mm x 1.00. According to Toyota they are the only ones that made them and they are not readily available. I need to change out all of the lines. To do so, I need to replace these fittings because mine are not reusable. Problem is, I cannot find these fittings anywhere. Any suggestions? Is it possible to drill and tap the wheel cylinders for an american fitting, then I could change over to standard lines, which would make it much easier if anything broke to find a replacement. Other thoughts? Also, considered disc brake conversion, but worried about cost. Anyone out there have an estimate on that, where to get parts etc. Just want this thing to be able to stop good, and not cost me an arm and a leg. Finally got the motor, tranny, and t-case in and wiring redone. A little anxious to get it going down the road. Now just need to make it stop.
I am not 100% familiar with the layout of the early model brakes but I do know 68 and up. I would think that you could convert the entire system to a newer drum brake system for not much cash. You would need to change most all of it to include the backing plates, master, all cylinders lines and hoses. I bet it needs it anyways. it will be a lot less than a disc conversion. Set it up as a 9/71 or newer. I would buy the hard lines from SOR, OEM etc... A drum brake kit from CCOT, soft lines from NAPA. DO you have a booster? If not might be a better way to go.
Nope, our system does not come with a booster. I'm sure there is some other work to be done in the brakes, but right now, primarily looking for a solution to the fitting problem. There just is nobody out there that makes that size fitting and mine cannot be reused. I'll look into changing over to newer drums. Any other thoughts would be appreciated. By the way, someone was complaining of the same problem on the pirate board awhile back, but I can't find the post. If anyone out there read it and/or some solutions, I would appreciate hearing them.
Cajun Queen I do remember the post regarding the obsolete brake line thread but I dont remember the outcome either nor could I find it. ???I think your suggestion of tapping a new thread is a good solution.A good brake specialist could do that.But 1st I wouldnt listen to Toyota too much .I would contact the big US Landcruiser parts specialists like spector or man a fre and see if they can help. I bet they have already helped others with this problem before. ;) Toyota like you to think they are the only ones that can help :mad:
Another thing you could try is a post on pirate .Maybe the boffins who come up with the solution last time can do so again :D
Thanks for the input Rosco. I have been in touch with Spector, no luck there. Need to call Man-A-Fre sometime and see what I can drum up there. I think drilling and tapping may be an option, otherwise disc brakes. We'll see, I have a post in parts wanted for the fittings, might get lucky there.
Maybe later model wheel cylinders would fit

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