Brake problem (I searched) Failed FSM test

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Apr 5, 2006
Canyon Lake, TX
I have the same problem that alot of people have in that my brake pedal seems soft and it goes almost to the floor in a panic stop. I replaced all the rubber brake lines this week and bled the system with my old lady working the pedal. I did it starting at the lspv,rr,lr,rf,lf and finally finished with the lspv. My brakes are not any worse or better after doing the repair, so I did the brake booster operational test found in the FSM. I pumped the brakes and then started the engine and the brake pedal moved down alot. The FSM says it should move "slightly". After searching the forum, I didn't find an example of this failure and a fix. The pads have 10k on them. Truck does not pull when stopping. It does seem to pass the air-tightness test in the FSM. I did moved the LSPV when I did the lift.
One thing I did note is that I do not know if the LSPV is frozen up or not. A few months back I took the spring arm off and tried to push the plunger on the lspv up and down with a screwdriver, but I could not get it to move.
Can anyone tell me what is indicated when the car fails the above booster test? It seems other people who's brake booster failed describe a hard pedal and cannot stop. Thanks :confused:

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