Brake parts questions

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Feb 9, 2004
Buffalo Grove, IL
I ran across this during one of my daily eBay searches, and wondered if anyone here had experience with these or had some thoughts...

Toyota Landcruiser 93 94 95-96 97 D/S Rotors Brake Pads:eBay Motors (item 220350596242 end time May-24-09 23:59:48 PDT)

I run 35's in the city and seem to be going through pads significantly quicker than when I had 33's. The last set of rotors I had also warped pretty bad. I'm looking for a less expensive solution than OEM since I seem to be going through them much quicker than before.

...I'm looking for a less expensive solution than OEM since I seem to be going through them much quicker than before.../QUOTE]

Maybe you wouldn't go through them as quickly if you used OEM rotors. IME, the after-market rotors has not held up nearly as well as the OEM's. With that said, I haven't tried any of the DBA's, Brembo's, etc... But, I do run 35's and put an awful lot of city miles on them and the combo of OEM rotors and 100 series pads have lasted over 25K miles so far.
Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear in my above post. The last set of pads/rotors were OEM with 100 series pads. The pads were never the problem, as they are relatively cheap, but the OEM rotors warped on me and I can only attribute that to the 35's I've been running the past year. All the axle components, wheel bearings, etc. were all good so I'm just attributing the warping due to the added weight/ stopping force required due to the larger tires.
I'm sure some are going to curse you for even questioning whether or not to put a non-Toyota part on your truck. I on the other hand say go for it. I've put el cheapo ebay parts on high performance cars and had a lot of success, just don't expect them to be the best part ever made. I ran a $99 clutch and some $200 rotors and pads (all four rotors and pads) in a 450 hp Supra for 40k miles with no problem. Also, $125 is your maximum loss if they're crap, well worth the risk to me. Do it and let us know how it goes.
the other thing you may want to check since you live in a area that salt is used on the road with a 1:1 ratio to inches of snow . that your calipers are not getting sticky pistons in the front and the slides in the rear check your rubber brake lines are in good shape and not swelling up on the inside making the brakes drag more then they should .
Good point Koffer.

I just replaced the calipers about 10k ago, but didn't do the lines. Since the truck runs so great and is in good shape, I forget that it's still 12 years old with 170k on it. So it's probably time to replace those rubber lines. I just replaced the pads and rotors about 2 months ago, and at that time the calipers still moved freely, with no rust on them (surprisingly after our snowy and salty winter here).

jlg --

Let those that want to curse, curse away. The truth is, almost every one of us has put aftermarket parts on one of our vehicles at some point or another over the life of the vehicle. Some are quality parts, and some aren't. Keep in mind that there are also some Genuine Toyota parts that are crap too. Ex: Toyota doesn't just change from a green top EGR modulator to a blue top because they like the color blue better. I'm not bashing Toyota parts at all, and in fact I use mostly OEM parts on my rig, especially for the bigger ticket items that I may replace once every 150k or so. But for regular maintenance items, there are some aftermarket parts that meet or exceed OEM quality. For example, NAPA rotors have lasted as long or longer than some OEM ones. Not saying they're better quality, just that they are equivalent.

I appreciate everyone's own opinions on this board as long as they are not based solely on their elitist mindset that Toyota is better than everything else no matter what no exceptions. :D

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