Brake Pad Replacement - When?

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Oct 30, 2007
When do yall replace your brake pads? Over a certain time interval? So many miles? Or when pads get down to ? millimeters?

I know everyone driving style may dictate how brake pads wear....but am just curious what yall think some general guidelines might be.

What is a reasonable price for a brake job? Pads and say rotors reshaped?

I am about to take it to the Dealer and don't want to get the "run around."

Thanks for your thoughts!
I wait until the wear indicators let me know it's time. Dunno how much a dealer would charge. Just the pads as a part are kinda spendy (~$60 for the fronts). It's pretty easy tho the way Toyota has designed the calipers. Figure it's got to bill out at a couple hour job.
$219 + tax for brake pads and turning rotors at Performance Toyota in Memphis.

Nope - that must've been for rear only....

Front - (including turning rotors) $335-355
Rear - $215
Do it yourself, the backs are easy, and the fronts will/may require some skill. If you want OEM, call Dan.

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