Brake on a mini cooper

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Dec 15, 2005
Whitinsville, MA
A girl at my office needs brakes on her 05 Mini Cooper and they wanted something crazy like $700. I told her I would look into it. The pads are only like $50 from the after market. I have no idea about these cars. Are there any weird problems like pressed on rotors that I should know about? Has anyone done these before?
When I had my Cooper S the brakes were replaced under warranty (died very early) so that's not much help. Keep in mind that BMW/Mini shop rate is steep so that is likely the reason for the $700 quote. You might Google Mini forums and they would be able to give you the skinny on replacing the brakes. Good luck.
I did as you said and it they seem pretty straight forward with the exception of having some sort of wear sensor that you have to replace when the brake wear down.
I'm no help there. If they are replaced every time they can't be too expensive or complicated to swap out.
If the brake pads wear to the point that it cuts the brake pad sensor then those will need to be replaced w/ the pads. The sensors unplug up the wiring harness a short ways. I haven't done the Coopers but BMWs. So if they are the same then it's a no brainer.
On BMWs, the rotors are replaced along with the pads. Not sure if this is the case with Mini Coopers but I would bet it is.
I would be willing to bet that if aftermarket rotors and pads are used you're going to have some noisy brakes. However, there are many sites that will sell factory spec parts that would be suitable.
The local BMW dealer's labor rate is about $80 and this is in a small town.
If you plan to help out be careful not to use an impact gun on the lug studs and don't over torque them, they are alloy.
I know it's a little late, but if you're still looking for info check out They seem to have halfway decent tech stuff.
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