Brake master cylinder?

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Dec 1, 2006
Brake master cylinder?
My master cylinder is bad in my 85' 4runner. I am wondering the advantage of the 1'' bore master cylinder from trail gear. It's a larger bore but will i notice a difference in braking power? Is it worth doing this or buying the $30 one from the local auto store?
If you are keeping the rest of your breaking system stock, then stick with the stock size master cylinder. The 1” bore is going to push more fluid then the stock MC. Using a 1” bore MC with a stock breaking system will cause you to push the pedal hard for a shorter distance. You will have less of a mechanical advantage with the lager bore. Most people who up grade to the 1” bore have a modified breaking system that requires more fluid. For example, disks in the rear and/or lager calipers in the front.
I think there is a brake mod as well using a V6 MC correct me if I'm wrong....

I think the V6 MC's vac. booster is 1" larger in diamiter. hmm...

you also have to be aware that companyes might try to take abvantage of you by making you think there products are a "custom" mod when in fact it might be something off a supra. (so to speak)
No reason to go with Trail Gear, I run a Tacoma 1" bore MC from NAPA, a V6 booster from a 92 V6 truck, IFS calipers in the front, SA calipers in the rear with a Front Range full floater kit, a manual prop valve from FRORF, and am considering interior windshield wipers to handle the noseprints on the windshield.

The stuff about residual valves is... stuff. Only a requirement where the rotors are out of round, on, say, Chebbies or such.

I personally experienced the travails of doing the above one step at a time, and can personally attest that the whole Kit-n-kaboodle needs to be in balance with each other. The closer I got to the whole thing as it is today, the happier I was!
Can you show me the Taco 1" MC??? or does it read 15/16 on the side?? 15/16 is NOT considered a 1" bore a 1" bore is just that not 15/16.
It's not 15/16.

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