Wanted Brake Master Cylinder - 80 series

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Oct 1, 2004
Bay Area
United States

My MC's gone kaput!

Let me know if you have a shiny new one lying around ;)

Or perhaps a rebuild one!

For 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser.

Hasw anyone rebuilt one of these before? What is involved?
If you can wait a few days get a kit and rebuild it. It's not difficult.
If you can wait a few days get a kit and rebuild it. It's not difficult.

If the Master Cylinder was damaged due to crap floating around inside or moisture causing pitting and corrosion, the ID could be scratched or damaged. I doubt a rebuild kit would improve braking if the actual MC is damaged. I could be wrong, but don't want to R&R it twice.

rockclmbr said:
SizzleChest, that is a fantastic price!

Do you know if they is Toyota quality or would I be looking at replacing it again in the near future?

Thanks for the link!
i got mine from them, but i haven't installed it yet.
I called them up the other day and they are out of stock of the MC. It is a great price and looks to be the same exact one that Toyota supplies. I had to go local for this one due to time constraints. I should be installing the new one Sat morning. I'll let you know how it goes!
That link shows the MC to be in stock for $95.80. Was $74 for non-ABS version?

Keep your old for backup. How does the bore look?
yeah, I checked 93 and 94 80 master cylinder. Each is $95.80 with no core. 1997 master cyl (1/97 to 12/97) is $74.50. I'm assuming 1997 is the uzj100, since it says 1997 to 1999 application.

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