Brake Lines

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Apr 13, 2003
Ridgway, CO
I need to replace all the brake and clutch lines on my 79 FJ40, could I make/fab all the lines myself for under $200 (Classic tube sells a complete brake line kit for $185). I'm aware this is a bit of an elementary question, but I've yet to ever deal with this kind of task, thanks in advance for any help???.
- Gus
Price the hard lines out at Napa....That's were I got all mine. &nbsp:Don't recall the pricing tho, but a little time with a tape measure and their available lengths should do it.

You'll likely need a flare tool too to get them exactlly right....I use one from Home Depot with good success. The cheapies at AutoZone are junk.
I did it myself, and believe that it was cheaper than what you stated. Just clean up and re-use your fittings- and buy the new lines and stuff- here's what I did:
From I bought the stainless brake lines for lifted toy pickups: $70 ( ), 25' of bulk brake line: $13 ( ), and a $30 double flaring tool from a local tool shop (which died on it's last flare... argh.). That was all last August- and just last week, I bought a stainless steel braided clutch hose from man-a-fre for $35 (man-it-ain't-free). As woody said, don't go cheapo for the flare tool. Borrow, or rent, or whatever. But yeah- totalling that up in my head- gets the job done for less than the $185 kit.
HTH. Zipp.

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