brake lines

Dec 31, 2002
I don't know where you can.I just bought a decent brake flaring tool,and about 20 feet of 3/16 brake line can't remember fitting size and made my own.fuel line just got all new rubber fuel line and ran it inside the frame rail hope this helps
Feb 1, 2002
Indianapolis, Indiana
SOR or the dealer. I got all the pieces I wanted from SOR. A little pricey but they fit! I have since replumbed my entire system, making all the lines and flaring them myself. It's tediuos but not too difficult. Invest in a good flair tool!
Mar 13, 2003
Raleign / Durham, NC

25 ft rool of 3/16" brake line - $19.95
Double flaring tool - $24.99
Having the satisfaction of learning how to do it yourself - priceless

The tubing bends very easily with your hands, you just have to be careful not to kink the line. You will only need the bending tool for the ends where you need a tight radius.
Make sure you get a DOUBLE flaring tool (this is very important). It involves an quick extra step, but it's worth it.
You can get all of this stuff from your local shop. None of it is special to Cruisers.
As for the Body to Frame connection, you can coil the tubing around a shop vac tube to allow for flex (or you can go to a local shop and have steel braided lines made up for big $$).

You will be glad you learned how (isn't that some of the fun with Cruisers?), and save a ton of cash doing it.

I was a little afraid of doing it once, but when I did it was easier than I thought it would be.
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