Wanted Brake lines for fzj80 with ABS

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Jan 21, 2010
Colorado Springs
I'd like to find a whole set (front and rear) of brake lines for a 94 FZJ80. I really only need the fittings as I plan to have some new rubber lines made at a local shop.

I'd also be interested in a set of new lines as well.

I'd also be interested in gently used set of lines.

I have ABS so the set of fittings and/or lines should be for a rig with ABS.
Are you just needing the soft lines or are you needing an entire set of hardlines. It wouldn't be worth your time to have soft lines (rubber) made as you can buy stainless ones fairly inexpensively. There is no different in ABS lines and non-ABS lines. Extended Braided Brake Line Male-Female | Marlin Crawler, Inc. I like these available from Marlin Crawler. These are extended length. 80s use a variety of male/female female/female ends but you can mix and match to get what you need as they sell both types.
I was informed by _someone_ (I won't mention names) that I could reuse the hardware off of the rubber lines and have a new set made. I've called around and no one will attempt that procedure so I believe I've been duped as far as that goes. Good thing I didn't buy another set used!

Seems as though Marlin does not sell both lines for the front of an fzj80 with abs. And wouldn't you know it they're out of red and blue. :)

I saw some on fjparts.com but no one will vouch for the site. In fact it does not appear in any search on Mud!! Rock Auto has some but I've been sold some crap and wrong parts from them each time I ordered (twice) so I'm hesitant to go that route.

You are correct: Custom made lines are just as expensive. At least here in Colorado.

So far Napa has the best price.
Marlin lines will work with ABS and they discontinued colors. Silver works just fine.
I'll look again. First time I looked I did not see the caliper to frame lines available (short lines). I saw the longer lines though. The color selection says "clear". Might be handy to check for air bubbles. ha ha

Thanks for the tip!!
The clear is just the coating. All you will see is braided stainless steel.

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