Brake lights stay on - fixed

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Mar 10, 2005
My brakes lights on my LJ77 stay on even after turning off the engine.

I ended up disconnecting the battery and I'll look at it tomorrow.

This is new one for me, never had it happen.

Only think I can think of is the brake light switch on the pedal is bad or frozen.

Any other suggestions on what would cause the brakes lights to stay on?


Switch was ok, it was the rubber/ceramic insert that pushes the switch in.

Weird set up, there is a hole in the metal bracket on the brake pedal. Not sure why the bracket has this hole instead of being solid.

Anyway, the rubber/ceramic plug fractured (old age and cold?) exposing the hole, so the brake lights were in the on position all the time.

Covered the hole with a small piece of metal and glued it in place.

Problem fixed.

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