brake lights problem

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Jul 24, 2016
I'm having a problem with the brake lights on my 97 LX 450

with the head lights off - brake lights work fine.

with the headlights on, the driver side cuts out and turns off completely when i hit the brakes, the passenger side functions normally.

any ideas of what to check, or where to start?
anyone seen this problem before?

i replaced the bulb. ;)
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^^^ What he said.

Then check the harness that is the taillight bulb harness.

Had a friend with exactly the same issue. We traced the power issues from the flasher unit all the way down the side of the truck to the rear bulbs. Ended up being a $28 short harness for the taillights on the side of the issue. The left harness in his case.
I replaced my bulbs with led bulbs and it caused a similar issue, went back to normal bulbs and problem solved.
I was poking around under the 80 and im thinking it might have to do the trailer harness that the PO wired in himself im sure. havent actually tried to diagnose anything yet

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