Brake lights out: both. Screwdriver shifting.

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Feb 8, 2014
Julian, CA
Vehicle is running great. Leaving Costco with a load of cheap (for California) gas, I couldn't shift out of park. Out of the blue. While the station line waited patiently I retrieved a screwdriver from my little toolbox to get shifted into drive. So, after searching various threads, I've been working on this this morning. All fuses are good. Headlights, dash, blinkers are good. No changes in a well ziptied trailer harness. Both bulbs appear good/filaments in tact, but don't have the means to test them, and it's Sunday in the country.
Stop press: solved. It was a gummed up (old grease) neutral safety switch on the pedal. WD40 and a few pumps, go to go.
I put away the screwdriver...
Glad it was an easy fix... How did you shift it with a screwdriver?
Hi Bryson. What that meant is when you can't shift out of Park, remove that little pop-out cover just in front of the shift lever and stick something like a screwdriver in there to release the lock allowing one to shift into Drive. That's all.
Gotcha. Thanks!:beer:

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