Brake Job - What Grease Where?

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Apr 9, 2013
Hey All,

I am going to replace my pads, rotors and calipers front and rear next weekend, and I'm interested to know what you all suggest I use for grease for this job. I've never done a brake job before, and I'm seeing different opinions elsewhere online.

On hand, I have Valvoline Syn-Power full synthetic grease (that's what in my wheel and trunion bearings), Valvoline Palladium moly grease (that's what in my Birf's), and Napa Sil-Glyde. If those are appropriate, I'd rather use them because I have them on hand, but if the job calls for something else I'm happy to pick that up.

Specifically, I'd love to get some suggestions on what to put where as I'm reading different opinions about the slide pins, the shims, the brake pad ears, etc. I'm all ears, please let me know what you think. Thanks, I appreciate the suggestions in advance.

Sil-Glyde is all you need for this.
Sil-Glyde is all you need for this.

If even that - maybe I been doing things wrong or forgot since I did all 4 corner caliper rebuilds, but most pad sets include a ketchup-packet of Permatex for the backer plate of the pad.

Are you just doing brakes, or was the grease listiing so we knew what you had on-hand for lube to play with?
@LINUS, yeah I was just listing what I had in case anyone wanted to chime in to use those for particular aspects.
There is a little ketchup pack as the other posted said. So, just put that on the slide pins and the ears of the pads?
What about the back of the shims?
Back of the shims is the only place I put it (ketchup packet Permatex) - aside from some extremely unobtainium grease I ***think*** about swiping on the pins, for fear any glopping when warm could end up in the rotor face/pad face - totally negating your brake performance.

The travel toothpaste tube I have of the crazy stuff has a melt/migrate point so high, it’s viscosity is so high I nuke a trash mug of water & pull/let sit for a good 3-5mins -to get it to average-grease visco.

IDK where you are, or if salt in Winter is a concern, but that’s the singular reason I do my way - the 80 is my Baker bus 😎

My OC/D-ness showing ;)

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