Brake job from hell!

Discussion in 'VA/NC- Mid-Atlantic Toyota Land Cruiser Associatio' started by johnsonf18, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Dec 28, 2007
    Norfolk, VA
    I just finished by front brake pad replacement. Total time spent 9 hours. The rusted bolts were ridiculous. I had all the tools, PB Blaster and a good attitude. In the end, a job that should have taken no more than 1 hour took me two days. I used everything in my aresenal, impact tools, breaker bars, drimel tool, sweet talking my rig, etc. Now that I'm done, I take some satisfaction in getting it done. My knuckles are bruised and bloodied but my rig is running great now. If anybody needs some advice on this let me know. I don't think any brake job will phase me after this one. Thanks Noel for the info. Looking for a used good condition ARB front bumper. If you know anybody that has one for sale let me know. I also need 2 10mm coil spacers in anybody has some for sale. Later



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    Jul 14, 2004
    on the right coast
    Hey Frank, your more than welcome:flipoff2: (lol). Sorry, I did not recognized your voice at first during our phone conversation because I had a jetlag flying from Pacific Northwest.

    Congrats and glad you got the brake job done. I bet you ain't sweet talking your rig and I know your :mad:screaming and cussing m@#$%r f@#r on your rig while your knuckles get bruised, get skinned, and bleed from the brake job:wrench: (lol):lol:, and then get frustrated from a 2 hour job turns into 2 day job. Ask me how I know:D But at the end you get a self satisfaction knowing the job was completely done right the first time:cheers::beer:. Did you ever use some gloves, like the Mechanix gloves or latex gloves that they sell at the NEX cheap?

    Oh, if you are buying an ARB bullbar, then you do not need the 10mm spacers, you will need the 30mm spacers or taller springs to compensate for the ARB bar weight. 2everest is selling his spacers, go ask him. Better yet, since he is upgrading to a competition coils, might as well buy those OME Jsprings that he have and put them on your rig.
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    Jun 19, 2007
    Greenville, SC
    Sorry, guys I havn't been on. I'm still working in NC, long days, and still have to do schoolwork. Yes I am going up to the Comp coils soon, and the 4 J springs (6-7 months old) and the spacers will need to be sold ... Glad my break job wasn't like that! I just did mine all around, refurbished Yota Calipers, 100 pads, and bearing job ... Good to keep the positive energy for that crap, it's hard, but makes a difference ... I don't know when I'm switching coils, very soon hopefully.


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