Brake drum and differential removal

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Aug 19, 2002
I am trying to get the rear diff. out of my parts FJ60 that has been sitting for 7 years. I took off the cover and pulled out the pinion shaft and spacer. The brake drums are in terrible shape. Is there a way to remove the axle shafts without pulling off the brake drums. My dad said 7 years ago when the truck was working, he tried to change the rear brakes and couldnt get the drum off. Thanks for any help
Mike Schmidt
I don't think so. Fronts and full floaters, but not semi floating rears. If they are rusted to the hub flange, spray some PB Blaster all around the studs and center hole and blast the snot out of it with a BFH right between the studs so that you are hitting the drum into the flange. Sounds wierd, but it works like popping the cone washers out of the fronts. You need good aim or new studs when you're done.
Option two would be cutting the drum off with a torch.
If you haven't already done this then make sure to turn the adjusters back so the shoes aren't holding the drum on. Sometimes the shoes will wear into the drum like piston rings into a cylinder and will have to be backed off to remove the drum.

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