brake cylinder grease nipple?

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Mar 30, 2003
Annen, the Netherlands
One of the brake cylinders of my '78 bj40 got stuck yesterday. It expands but doesn't contract anymore, despite the force of the spring. Cleaning of the cylinder helped. Then I found out that each brake cylinder has a grease nipple. Didn't know it was there and it is neither at the 'map with grease points' in the users manual. Greasing them might prevent the cylinders to get stuck, but I'm hesitant about pumping grease in there. Is it safe? Do I need special grease?

that nipple is a bleeder screw for the brake fluid. &nbsp:Drum brake systems have one bleeder for each wheel cylinder, discs have one per caliper.

grease would be a VERY bad idea.....
Back when I bought my FJ-40 one of the first things I did was catch up on the routine maintence neglected by the PO. When bleeding the brakes all of the bleeder screws had been greased several times. So you arn't the only person to make this mistake. Very funny actually.

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