Brake conversion

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Jan 3, 2003
Starting to collect up parts for the 4 wheel disc conversion (sold the wife on the safety aspect )but just wondering if I have to change the master from a single to a duel or can I stay with the single and just split the line and use a proportioning valve. If I do have to change what is the easiest purchase to make.(by the way the only reason that I am able to do this is because of this site. Woody you can expect some donations from me soon.) Thanks

70 fj 40
Check the tech boards, I just finished my swap and used the info like a manual, Scully,Robison and Firestiene ::). I did the Mini truck swap with 81 FJ60 vented rotors and 92 IFS 4runner calipers. It all bolted up like it was ment to be. The one thing that got me was the steering arm/tie rod question. I ended up using fj60 arms to keep the stock tie rod and ends, but had to use a shim on the tie rod end because it was tapered and the hole in the arm wasn't. I used some from Man-a Fre , there not on the web page but they have them. Im told that thinwall tubing will work just as well , don't know if thats true or not. When you get to the part where you attach the birfield to the axle shafts, try using a Zip Tie to compress the clip, it worked really well for me. Good luck and if it's anything like my experience...your going to learn alot !
IMO, switch to a dual master. &nbsp:Do you have a brake booster? Mike Smythe had good luck with a (I think) S-10 non-boostered master on his firewall....Danny Warden makes an adapter to extend the booster off your firewall if you didn't have one factory and clear the firewalll rib. (Web site linked at

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